Jeb Beauchamp

Authentic Faith in Christ speaks, acts, and responds to life. (James 1)


James 1

Authentic Faith in Christ speaks, acts, and responds to life.

#brother of Jesus (Matthew 13:55)

#unbelieving (John 7:5)

#forgiven (1 Corinthians 15:3-8)

#leadership (James 1)

Is your faith a worthless knockoff or is it authentic and alive?

study questions:

For the Next Lesson: James 1

1. Read verses 1:1-8. What is joy? Why does James say trials ought to be counted as joy? What are the “various kinds” of trials that tests a man’s faith? What is the end result of trials? How does that give us joy in the beginning or middle of a trial? What trials are you in the middle of? How are you doing in considering it joy? Why is faith the requirement for our prayers? What is life like for the person who doubts God’s presence and character? Pray that God would give you wisdom and joy in your difficult situation,

2. Read verses 1:9-18. How are we to view ourselves? Why is that so? What heavenly reward awaits faithful believers? What happens when a good desire becomes a selfish demand (James 4:1-4)? How then do we keep our desires in check? How often are the temptations in your life brought on through your own selfish desire? What is included in the phrase “every good gift?” What is it that shapes us into the “firstfruits of his creation?”

3. Read verses 1:19-25. Evidence that the Word of God has shaped someone is outlined in verses 19-21. How is a quickness to listen a way to love someone else? How is a quickness to speak show your love for yourself? If anger does not produce the righteousness of God, what is it good for? What are we to receive and submit to? How might your life change as a result of further submitting to God and His Word?

4. Read verses 1:26, 27. The culmination of godly wisdom from God’s Word is expressed in simple conversations. Faith speaks, acts, and responds to life. How is speech a test for someone’s faith? How prone are we to deceive ourselves? What actions in our lives display an inward faith in Christ?